Alden Richards, Always a Pleasure

Entertainment media upon the invitation of colleague Chuck Gomez. The event was the formal announcement of Alden as the first endorser of Cookie’s Peanut Butter, owned by the couple Cookie Yatco and Joy Abalos. But more about them later.

 Ever tactful, Alden didn’t name any GMA actress as his personal choice for future leading lady, “But I’m not closing my doors.” He didn’t want to offend fans of AlDub (his tandem with Maine Mendoza) who like to believe they are only meant for each other…oncam and offcam.

Actually, they are only friends. And that also have separate starrers, endorsing products and services solo, without each other. But together AlDub is unbeatable.

• BEST PERFORMANCE – In this columnist’s book, the best performance of Alden Richards to date is in the GMA Martial Law special on writer-activist Boni Ilagan, “Alaala.” It was a tough role, showing how Boni was hunted and tortured by the military and Alden gave justice to the role.

Yes, Alden’s more than a handsome face. Beneath is a sensitive actor who’ll certainly essay even more difficult roles in the days to come.

• PEANUT BUTTER LOVERS – Now back to Cookie and Joy.

Cookie loves peanut butter and so to please him Joy came up with her own recipe – no chemical, no extender. It was such a hit that come special occasions the Yatco couple gave them as presents. In no time, people were ordering Joy’s peanut butter. They decided to go commercial, but retaining its quality, now named Cookie’s Peanut Butter with varied flavors and uses: the original, with cashew and “pangluto” (perfect for kare-kare), as well as Mani ni Cookie and Kasuy ni Cookie.

Getting Alden Richards was no brainer. He also loves peanut butter and a family friend, coming from Laguna (Santa Rosa) like Cookie (Los Baños). Joy is from Mandaluyong, belonging to the prominent Abalos clan.

“A joy and an honor to work with” is how Cookie and Joy describe Alden. “Agree,” Chuck Gomez says.



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